Nikon D3500 bundle deals guide

Do you love taking pictures & recording recordings? If so, one undoubtedly know the significance of buying a decent camera. The Nikon D3500 bundle package has anything you require to empower one to take great-pictures & recordings. The Nikon-D3500 is extremely technological with the execution-of ISO that could be extended to-25,600 to allow it on shoot in a broad variety on conditions, from splendid-open spaces to ten-cents indoors.

Best accessories to have in a Nikon D3500 bundle

SanDisk-32GB-memory card

This memory-card expands the retention-limit of these camera. This suggests that you could take the similar number of photo you require and record these same number on recordings minus emphasizing that it would be short on space. This memory-card also supports the 4K-video chronicle & can exchange data with speeds up-to 300MBPS. In-spite of that, the memory-card incorporated in these accessories of the T6i-package can, minus a doubt, deal among bursting-shots, fast & consecutive.

Long range lens

Nikon D5300 lens

The Nikon D3500 has a lightweight & compact-lens, the EF-S-18-55mm f 4-5.6-IS STM that is exceptionally-striking. It’s an amazing zoom-magnification that would allow you on zoom in & see things along with different Nikon D3500 lenses. It’s also quiet. It owns an adventure-motor with advance-screw that encourages one to capture videos among an insignificant base-clamor and best sound. The projected picture setting that one present will enable you to have sharper pictures among a negligible-haze despite having them on low light.

Case on the camera

Every Nikon D3500 package incorporates some camera with best security features in help maintain some bistro of one’s camera. It owns a detachable handle that would allow one to transport these camera on an effective & useful way. It too has four exterior pockets which can be utilized to carry different vital accessories. These camera bag too has removable-dividers for better-association.

Tripod stand among tripod case

These tripod-stand will enable you to have the camera when making photo-recordings. The tripod stand too has its basic capacity, which suggest that one can store these stand safely while you finish utilizing it. The tripod mount is built of quality-material which is shockproof & water repellent.

Buying guide for the Canon T6 bundle

The Canon T6 becomes the affordable DSLR in the market providing the excellent performance at the moment with your money. It is a camera of choice where many beginners love it. The most important thing for many people when they are buying the camera is a price of it. Photography is the expensive hobby, and Canon T6 bundle deals can help you to save a lot of money. What is the best for the Canon T6 bundle is that it come with the very important accessories. Here is the buying guide for the Canon T6 bundle.


Canon T6 lenses

When you are buying the lens, the most important is hiring the right one. Although the lenses are unique, mainly due to its cost of 4 times than Canon T6, with some extra bucks, then you will have the two lenses bundles which will cover a focal range which will range from 18mm – 300mm. This can give you much of the flexibility to what the photographer requires. If you’re the beginner, then this is much enough for you to begin with. Read about the top best Canon T6 lenses review here.

T6 bundles extras

Canon T6 bundle extras

When you’re on a budget, sometimes it will be tough to assign your money to the accessories which you will require to make life easier like the photographer. The DSLR will drain the batteries very fast and if you’re shooting out to go about with your day, either on the adventure or traveling around, you will absolutely require extra batteries. Canon T6 bundles presented will provide at least a spare battery, sometimes which is not sufficient.

Camera Bag

The camera bag is a wrapper of the camera gear where without it, the expensive equipment will be damaged and a lot of money lost generally. If you do not like traditional camera strap bags, you will get many designs which are available like the backpack camera style bag. However, if you’re looking for the one who will dig some more then you can go for the online camera stores, and you will get the top.

Should you buy the Canon T6 bundle ? Buying Guide and Review


The Canon Rebel T6 is the latest camera that entered the market it is highly ranked as a Nikon competitor. It consists of features
such as:

  • 3.0- INCH SCREEN, 920000K OTS

Canon T6 bundle

Advantages of Canon T6 bundle

For any photographer looking not to compromise features and price, the Canon T6 bundle is the ideal choice. With the T6 bundle, you get all the accessories you need to make your life as a photographer very easy. Among others, the connectivity features of the Canon T6 makes it truly desirable for any type of photography.

The Canon T6 DSLR is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth and has a remote control on the apps. It’s a simple camera to use, not forgetting the digital zooms, this performs in a way that you can zoom live videos of images

Canon T6 has the best feature to auto exposing bracketing, you can take a lot of images together and brightness can
be adjusted in each so that you can easily pick the best. It performs this in very bright light or darkness

Canon T6 is an eye-catching camera that is simple with a unique feature in it, you can find it online or any camera shop at
a relatively fair price.

Canon takes quality images that look great when shared on the social media.

Although the Canon T6 inexpensive it lacks some important features.

The Canon Rebel T6 does not have the autofocus option, it has a basic movie capturing, it does not have the mirror screen, it does not have the touchscreen control which is seen in other cameras it has limited rows and very slow in taking shooting, the t6 is very similar to the Canon T5 camera only a few adjustments were made.

This particular Canon camera has a problem with reading memory cards, and also is hard in the formatting of the SD card it the best option for beginners, it was real eased 3years ago and now it has features that are outdated and more improved cameras are on market so far so good, Canon T6 functions is the most incredible way despite the low costs Canon offers are so predictable.


Sony A6000 Refurbished Review

Sony is an excellent brand committed to giving you the best in the world when it comes to cameras. Therefore, the Sony A6000 refurbished is a good purchase that you should make right away. The Sony A6000 refurbished will allow you to get the artistic, accurate shot that you have been seeking for a long time. The machine also has the fastest auto-focus in the world, and that’s just part of the fun.

What are the pros and cons of buying the Sony A6000 refurbished?

Sony A6000 refurbished


  • The Sony A6000 refurbished will allow you to capture the best moments of your life quickly and easily.
  • The results will be given in seconds, and you will love them right away.
  • The Sony A6000  is truly easy to use, and its compact design is second to none.
  • You can truly change settings right away with the two quick-access dials.
  • The A6000 is a powerful machine sold at a very low price.


– The LCD screen might stop working over time., which might become a huge problem for a lot of people out there.

Are there better buying options I should consider?

Well, there is the famous Sony Alpha a6000 which is sold for less than the Sony A6000 refurbished. This is something to take into consideration because you can save some bucks if you purchase the former. The Sony Alpha a6000 weighs less than the Sony A6000 refurbished, which is another point in favor of the former. But the Sony A6000 refurbished is truly a great machine that you will enjoy in no time. Remember that the Sony A6000 refurbished’s autofocus is just out of this world, and this is another point that you have to bear in mind when buying this camera these days too.

Nikon D3300 Bundle Review

Every time I walk across streets, hang out with my friends or attend social events, the functions are always accompanied bt photo taking. In fact, it has become to be the climax of most functions in the current society. Otherwise, how could you remember such an occasion? A good camera means a high definition photo. Whereas most people always worry about getting good cameras, I would like to introduce to you the Nikon D33oo with Bundle packages.

Nikon D3300 bundle guide

It has been appreciated by many users worldwide and to prove otherwise; you need to purchase one for yourself. Possessing one will complete your day when hanging around or even classic events like dates. The bundle gives you all the accessories you need for your pictures and videos. At times you may find that the accessories are many and you may not require all of them, my advice is that you should not discard any of them. Instead, keep them since you may need them in certain conditions.

Nikon D3300 Bundle has numerous merits. It gives you the opportunity to choose between 1 lens or 2 lens bundle. Each comes with its advantages. For instance, if I have one lens bundle, I will be able to access 18-55mm lens with all the available DSLR. However, two lens bundle is much better. It gives an additional focal length of up to 300mm, hence high definition photos and videos. Is that not a better one? They have a fantastic memory, and the costs are effective.

The cameras, however, are fragile and requires a lot of protection. Therefore, all the users, have to ensure the security of their equipment.

In my opinion, the higher the Nikon D3300 bundle, the better the Camera. It makes sure your in touch with your life and events. With Nikon D3300 bundle, let us look forward to a better future in the photography and video shooting field.

Best go pro model and deals

I am a student and am very very cash conscious – given I have so little money, I love adventure travel and so have always wanted a go pro but could never really justify buying one given the cost. Until this new hero model! It is pretty phenomenal, it has the great design that GoPro is known, super durable.

New GoPro Cameras

The touchscreen on the GoPro it is great. You wouldn’t think you could get good resolution and view framing within a two-inch screen but you can and you do. I especially bought it using some pretty amazing GoPro deals and because I am going backpacking around South America this summer, and so with lots of bumpy bus rides to come, I wanted to make sure that I was still able to capture perfectly stable shots. The hero is some limited voice-controlled features, I’ve played around with some of them, and its voice recognition is pretty good.

As you would expect with a GoPro it is waterproof, has shock absorption and can live through pretty much anything I throw at it. If chucked it in the depths of my backpack and it has come out looking pretty good.

GoPro deals

I had looked at a couple of other cheaper options for the camera, and honestly, you cannot beat the GoPro deals available now, and now with this head model, you can’t beat it for value too.

There is probably the widest range of accessories that you can get, the same as for most GoPros, I have not had any issues finding bits that fit it, I found a pretty sweet head strap that fits well. I was also impressed with how fast the shipping time was, my hero arrived earlier than expected. It syncs as you’d expect with the GoPro app, I wasn’t sure how this would work initially because it’s my first GoPro. But so far it has been perfect and easy to sync.

2018 is going to be an amazing year, and thanks to my new GoPro Hero I am going to be able to capture every single moment.

Canon 70D Bundle and Lenses Review

The Canon 70D is a camera with good specs for both professionals and hobbyists. With an incredible set of amazing specs, it means when bought as a body only, the camera can be relatively expensive as compared to buying it as a bundle. The Canon 70D bundles can vary in the number of items sold with, but these are the primary and most crucial bundle components a Canon 70D.

A Canon 70D Bundle

A good Canon EOS 70D bundle first, must have quality memory cards on top of having the camera body. The memory cards should preferably have high transfer rate and at least 4 GB memory space. A card reader for secure transfer of the images must accompany the memory cards.

a Canon 70D lensA kit lens is an essential part of a Canon 70D. The kit lens is 18-55mm with an f-stop of 3.5 to 5.6. This kind of glass presents a more diverse range of shooting options and although it, not the best Canon 70D lens, it is a multipurpose lens for all genres of photography from landscapes to portraits. In other cases, the bundle may include 55-250 lens or lens converters, but they depend on the buyer’s intended photography field.

A camera bag is an integral part of a good camera bundle. The manufacture’s camera bag is purposely designed to protect the camera from shakes, dust, and water although not waterproof. The camera bag should also contain cleaning kit for both the camera body and the lens. The cleaning kit ensures that the Canon 70D is neat for clean images and well functionality devoid of dust.

A quality tripod is essential. Tripods are accessories used in all photography genres to get well-lit images without noise. It is crucial therefore to buy a camera bundle with a good tripod. Although tripods vary in quality and price, buying in a package saves some money and time.

In conclusion, these are the major components of a good bundle but not the whole list of bundle components that can be included. Some packages contain ND filters and telelenses and mainly targeted for landscape photographers. Other may comprise Speed-light and reflectors primarily designed for fashion photographers.

Canon 80D bundle review

Avid photographers know that the best way to get maximum value for your money is to invest in camera bundles. These are essentially photography kits or packages that contain a collection of accessories to get you started. A standard camera bundle can contain wide-angle lenses, camera bags and a host of other accessories to help you capture the best shots. The Canon 80D is a DSLR camera which comes with a complimentary bundle. Here is more about what you can find in a standard bundle and those that the Canon 80D has to offer.

Most important accessories in a camera bundle

A 70 to 300mm Telephoto Zoom lens

This is one of the most important items that you should have in your camera bundle. A good lens for Canon 80D adds the capability to your camera. By using it, you can capture live action and wildlife in crisp, clear shots. Furthermore, a Telephoto Zoom lens makes it easy to capture the details in wide angle, landscape shots. As such, it is a necessary accessory to have.

Memory cards

You need a place to store your photos after taking them. The memory card is a critical accessory to have for your DSLR camera. They come in various capacities ranging from 1GB to 128GB. The bigger its capacity, the better the memory card for photography.

A flash

Ideal for helping you to take photos in dim light, the flash is a critical accessory to have too. There are many types of flash components. Furthermore, they are made using various technologies such as halogen and LEDs. Pick out the ideal type for you and add it to your camera bundle.

A cleaning kit

For you to keep taking top quality photos, your camera needs to be clean. A special kit for this purpose is an important part of the camera bundle. The cleaning tools help to keep your camera and lenses spotless.

Canon 80D camera bundle components

Upon purchasing the Canon 80D bundle, you get a collection of accessories. This bundle contains the Canon 80D camera and a standard 18 – 55 mm lens. It also contains a Telephoto 70 – 300mm zooming lens. The bundle also contains a pair of Commander lenses. One is a wide angle lens while the other is a Telephoto lens.

A flash and a grip strap are also provided in the bundle. For storage purposes, this camera bundle also has a pair of memory cards each with 16 GB of space. A custom Commander reader for these cards is also provided. Last but not least, you get a cleaning kit, case, spider tripod and a pair of Ultraviolet (UV) ray filters.


Many photographers agree that it is always better to buy a camera bundle that each accessory separately. Not only is it convenient, it is affordable. The Canon 80D bundle has all you need to embark on your photography journey.

Nikon D3400 Bundle Pros and Cons

Why buy the Nikon D3400 bundle? If you have been asking yourself this question especially when looking for the best deals in the market, you need to know the benefits that come with it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying the Nikon D3400 in a bundle:

1. Get affordable deals during your purchase

cheap Nikon D3400 bundle

When you buy Nikon D3400 in a bundle, you will get affordable deals that ultimately makes the price cost-effective when compared to other deals existing in the market. A cheap Nikon D3400 bundle means that you will make most savings as you do your purchase especially when you want to take advantage of bundle deal offers existing in the market. Most of the customers who have been making their purchases have been able to make huge savings whenever they are acquiring new Nikon D3400 from the market.

2. Enjoy a one-stop shopping

You do not have to go shopping at different outlets where you are likely to lose money through different deals. However, here you will get all essential Accessories at Once without having to worry. The best Nikon D3400 bundle deals will help you both reduce the associated price as well as find all the desired accessories when shopping at one place without having to pay too much.

What are The Pros?

The Pros are:

Nikon D3400 lenses

You will always enjoy reduced compromises during your purchase whenever you need the best deals. Purchasing Nikon D3400 in a bundle means that also get lenses and you will never compromise on the quality and type of the accessories you need thus giving the compatible products as well as accessories. You are likely to get more varieties with your purchase.

On the Cons, you might sometimes pay too much money whenever you need these deals. In the end, the above are the advantages and disadvantages of buying the Nikon D3400 with a bundle that you should know during your purchase.