Buying Guide for the Best GoPro Deals

When it comes to getting a quality portable camera and capturing HD video that can always make you relive a memory, just one name comes to your mind, GoPro. The real question is which of their newest models is the best for my money? That’s exactly what I’ll be helping you with.

Best GoPro Deals on Cameras

Cheapest GoPro Cameras

Finding the cheapest GoPro is not too difficult, but that also means you will get the least performant of all the models available on the market. Below are the latest GoPro camera available on the market with their respective prices for you to compare.

HERO 6 Black

It comes with a nice 12MP lens and 4K60 / 1080p240 video recording. Voice control is a nice option while the touch screen makes control easier; to zoom, just tap the screen. HERO 6 has an impressive advance video stabilization in-built capability. It is waterproof up to a depth of 33ft (10m). At a price of $399.99, you can own one.

HERO 5 Black

GoPro hero 5 black deals With GoPro HERO 5, you are close to HERO 6. It comes with 12MP camera lens, 4K30 Video recording, voice control, touch screen option, and water resistance up to a depth of 33ft (10m). It costs $299.99 but you can find some GoPro Hero 5 deals here.


With the New Fusion, you have so many amazing options. Let’s get into its details. It comes with an impressive 18MP camera lens; 5.2K30 / 3K60 video recording; OverCapture capability; advanced video stabilization capacity; voice control; and waterproof capacity up to 15ft (that’s quite low compared to others). Planning to own one? You will need $699.99.


You have a little decent camera in the New Hero, at a reasonably low price. Of course, you will have to cope with the spec. It comes with 10MP camera lens, 1440p60 / 1080p60 video recording, water resistance up to 33ft (10m), touch and voice control. It cost $199.99 only.

The GoPro HERO 6 Black isn’t a bad option if you are at a crossroad on which option to choose while considering your purse. It comes close to NEW FUSION in specifications and at a comparatively lower cost. With the NEW HERO, you can actually catch some fun at a low cost.